I'm Moving to a New Blog!

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I posted anything... But I have an announcement.

I recently started a new blog called Falling & Flying through Wordpress.

I would love if you checked it out sometime.

This is also an official "good-bye" to Tower of Joy.  I will not be posting anymore on this blog.  Thank you to everyone who supported Tower of Joy by following, commenting, or tagging me.  I really appreciate it!


- Madeline Joy

Life Update: May 2018

Hi everyone. 
My life has been changing in a lot of ways recently. 
To be honest, I'm not really sure where to begin.

I have been home schooled ever since third grade.  But this last December, I had several serious discussions with my parents about school.  
Homeschooling just wasn't working for me anymore.  I really struggle with motivation and am a procrastinator.  As I started high school and finished a couple more years at home, I began to fall behind in schoolwork.  
So my parents decided to let me visit a local Christian school in late December.  I had played on the basketball team there for three years, and had several friends who went there.
After visiting, I decided to start taking an art class in the afternoons at the school.  I was still struggling to decide if I should attend there full time this coming year.   Then God changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. In winter 2018, my parents had a family meeting with me and my younger sisters.  They told u…

Darling, Hold On

darling one you are beautiful
blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes filled with wonder laughter  joy brimming with tears each one telling a story 
the story  of how you danced with abandon  the story  of how you fell and got back up the story  of how you never lost hope 
you dared to believe in first kisses dared to believe  in true love true friends 
you dared to believe  in second chances and happy endings and shooting stars and wishes coming true
oh, darling how this world NEEDS you
it needs your light your hope your wonder your smile your prayers  because you are UNIQUE
no one has cried the tears you've cried no one has danced the steps you've danced  no one has dreamed your dreams the way you've dreamed them 
you are a STAR  that brings direction to a scattered world
so, darling keep flying
keep spreading your wings and teach us to see the world as you do
don't stop dreaming, darling not yet not ever.

You Are Not Forgotten

when i look at you i see  your silence your eagerness  your laughter
i see the habits you resort to everytime you're nervous the way you pretend  you don't care even if you do
i see 
how you want  to make others smile but behind your easy laughter there's a deepness a deepness i've begun  to understand
i see YOU flaws imperfections  mistakes but also  love and kindness and honesty
i see  someone who loves and loves deeply but is afraid to show it  even if it's there
i see
someone who matters
who has a purpose
someone chosen 
and called
not forgotten
but remembered

Beautiful one, you are not forgotten.  I know you feel lost in the shadows and hidden from everyone's eyes, but you are not alone.  You are not unseen.  You are loved beyond all comprehension by your Creator.  
You are in my prayers right now, dear reader.  Don't give up.  Your story is only beginning.
Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, 
- Madeline Joy

Windowpane Girl

i am the windowpane girl hands pressed to wood nose pressed to glass frozen in time watching life slip past
i am the long waiting girl eyes never closed heart never dying lungs filled with air  soul dancing and 
I am the forgotten girl mind ever dreaming spirit ever flowing prayers whispered soft making hopes start 

When It's Almost Christmas

Hi everyone!

It's almost Christmas!!!  I am (still) trying to figure out how December went by so quickly!

And, yes, I haven't posted in over a month.  (Sorry guys!) Life has been insanely and amazingly busy.

Honestly?  It doesn't always feel like Christmas time.  I have noticed that as I grow older, Christmas becomes less and less magical for me.  Sometimes it's a struggle to even get into the 'Christmas spirit' at all.

I love Christmas.  But the things I love most about it have changed since I was a little girl setting out cookies for Santa.

I love thinking about Mary.  She was just a teenage girl when her world was completely changed.  She was willing to risk everything to follow God's plan for her life.

I love thinking about Joseph.  Even when he thought Mary had sinned against him, he still refused to disgrace her.

I love listening to Christmas music.

I love hanging up every Christmas card we get in our living room.

I love watching Christmas movies with…

Little Things I'm Thankful For

i'm thankful for late nights cold air sacred silence counting stars
stirring trees leaves on the wind snowflakes in my hair winter waking

i'm thankful for quiet skies safe darkness  hidden whispers answered prayers
frozen fingers icy ears red nose a warming heart set free to melt
just a million stars winter wind autumn trees God and me

i'm thankful for peace  found at midnight arms stretched to the sky or wrapped around a tree
heavens aglow  with a thousand wishes waiting  to  be  whispered

i'm thankful for life fog from my breath heart beating beneath my jacket warm and cold warring inside
every blessing laughter little sisters music heard in the silence poetry that fills my mind
healing renewed trust growing friendships second chances

Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader.

- Madeline Joy